Our Firm

About Our Firm

Our predecessors started this law firm more than seventy years ago and throughout that time our attorneys have been an integral part of the lives of our clients in Delaware County. Our attorney and staff families reside in Powell, Lewis Center, Delaware, Radnor, and Sunbury. Our attorneys' families worship in Delaware County churches, and their children are involved in school and recreational activities here. Our attorneys participate in and often help lead local civic organizations. Our involvement in the Delaware County community provides our attorneys a significant advantage over outside lawyers: the advantage of face to face, first-name relationships with the business and governmental leaders of our community.

Our Role in Delaware County

Delaware County is among the fastest growing counties in the United States. Columbus, the capital city of Ohio, continues to expand in the southern half of the county, bringing suburban development into the heart of the county. With this expansion comes great opportunity for real estate developers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and families looking for the traditional, yet modern, lifestyle offered by the conflux of rural, suburban, and urban communities found here. But, with rapid growth of communities comes legal complexity. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience in the Delaware County community to serve all of these needs. And, for businesses and families looking to relocate to Delaware County, we are ideally suited to facilitate a smooth transition.

While much of our legal business comes from representing businesses and local governments or interacting with them on behalf of our clients, we also represent individuals with the important complexities and consequences of modern life, from asset protection and estate planning to personal injury litigation.

Our history and commitment to Delaware County makes us the best choice of law firms for our clients and their families. Our clients reach out to us because of our experience and superior representation.

Our Mission

It is our mission to serve our clients cost-effectively with excellence and integrity. We offer our business and individual clients highly sophisticated legal representation without the need to leave Delaware County.

Cost-effective legal service: We have a competitive advantage over many lawyers and law firms of equal sophistication: our offices are conveniently located in the downtowns of the City of Delaware and the Village of Sunbury. Rents are lower in these locations than they are closer to the capitol, and the cost of living for our attorneys and staff is lower on the edge of the Columbus suburbs than it is closer to the capitol. Our clients benefit from these cost advantages through lower legal rates.

Excellent legal service: Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in their fields of practice. And, we carefully study the statutes, administrative regulations, and case law, both federal and state, applicable to our clients' legal matters so that we can maintain an excellent level of competence. And, because we are experienced in a wide variety of practice areas, we can provide local businesses, local governments, and individuals full service.

Integrity: Our attorneys uphold the highest ethical standards. We keep private matters private. And, while running a law firm is a business, running up legal bills is not. Our clients return to us over and over because we are fair with them in charging for our legal representation. Our courts respect us because we play by the rules.

We know that you have many choices of attorneys in central Ohio and that choosing an attorney can be difficult. Upon choosing one of us, you will find that we pride ourselves on our ability and willingness to be knowledgeable of your legal matter, dedicated to solving your legal needs efficiently and effectively, and remaining at all times available and personable.