Business Planning, Operations and Governance

Firestone, Brehm, Wolf & Whitney LLP is a well-regarded advocate for businesses in Delaware County. Our attorneys have worked with privately held businesses in every aspect of business formation, operation, and governance. Our typical clients include professional practices, real estate investors/developers, service businesses, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, franchisors, franchisees, restaurants, hotels, financial services providers, retailers, farms, and health care providers.

Business Formation: Our attorneys counsel business owners and their businesses on the pros and cons of various different organizational structures for businesses including sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships, corporations, trusts, and limited liability companies. Choosing the correct entity or reorganizing to it will contribute to the preservation of your assets and your business. Further, correctly organizing can save you money on taxes. And, working with you and, if necessary, your accountant, our attorneys will help you organize or reorganize your business to best meet your needs.

Corporate Operation: Many different regulations affect the operation of businesses, including countless federal, state, and local permit and license requirements, employment laws, environmental regulations, zoning laws, securities law, and tax laws. Compliance with all these laws is not easy and will not be effective merely relying on the guidance of friends, business acquaintances, accountants, or staff members at the government agencies. Over the long term, clients who proactively comply with the laws affecting their businesses save money on legal costs and operate more profitably.

Corporate Compliance: Simply having the organizational documents for a corporate entity is not enough to protect your business and your wealth. Organized businesses must pay careful attention to compliance with the Ohio Revised Code in order to preserve their names, protect their contractual interests, and to maintain limited liability to the fullest extent offered by law. Conducting annual meetings, maintaining corporate records, and keeping written records of the minutes of meetings can make a huge difference in reducing long-term legal costs. Experienced lawyers are necessary to help you bring your business into compliance.