Federal Compliance

Many people fail to realize just how extensive the federal government's involvement is in regulating most aspects of modern life. And, while it is supposed to keep our country safe and orderly, it is intrusive and extensive. The federal government has a strong hand in regulating commercial advertizing, agriculture, importing, exporting, health care, the environment, workplace non-discrimination, wage and hour law, education non-discrimination, housing non-discrimination, housing finance, immigration, voting, aviation, water ways (including creeks so small that you cannot put a boat on them), gun law, investment in private entrepreneurial ventures through the securities laws, and many other areas too numerous to list.

Even more important for business owners and individuals, the federal government regulates all matter of behavior through its criminal code. Federal law enforcement is not just about illegal drugs and immigration. In fact, the unfortunate reality is that there is a potential felony charge related to nearly everything regulated by the federal government. And, remarkably, federal felony charges can and are often filed against otherwise upstanding citizens for conduct they never realized could result in federal criminal prosecution.

And, of course, everyone is familiar with how federal tax law affects all manner of everyday estate planning and business planning considerations.

We can and will help you stay in compliance with federal law so that you can avoid fines and federal criminal charges, lawfully reduce your tax burden, and find success in your personal and business lives.

Attorneys:  Scott Wolf, David Brehm