Public School Law

At Firestone, Brehm, Wolf & Whitney LLP, we understand how important it is for public school districts to cost-effectively uphold their educational standards. That is why we offer alternative approaches to legal billing that facilitate predictable legal expense budgets and significant savings in legal costs.

Two of our attorneys, D. J. Young, III and Vic Whitney, have experience with being elected to public school boards. D. J. Young, III is a former member of the Perkins Local School District Board of Education and Vic Whitney is a current member of the Buckeye Valley Board of Education. Their school board experience contributes to their knowledge of school law and representing schools effectively.

We help schools comply with ever increasingly complex state statutes and court decisions regarding non-renewals, contract terminations, collective bargaining, and other matters. We help schools comply with balancing public records laws with state and federal privacy laws applicable to schools. We provide advice regarding all other contracts in addition to employment agreements, including acquisitions of materials and facilities construction. We provide advice related to state and federal special education laws. And we can represent schools in all due process hearings, arbitrations, and in state and federal courts.

Attorneys:  Vic Whitney